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The table on this page shows a list of FoE members who have good knowledge of particular areas and may be willing to draft letters when required or at least give advice.

All these people are volunteers and may not always be able or willing to help on any particular occasion. With more volunteers we can reduce the chances that anyone will be disappointed when they are looking for help or advice.

To combat spam, email addresses are given as images. Please type each one in to your email program.

Name Area(s) of expertise Email address Phone number Website FoE Cymru local group
Barry Greenwood Planning issues, freedom of information 01873 852245   Abergavenny & Crickhowell
Richard Lewis Waste management and recycling 01873 854662   Abergavenny & Crickhowell
Simon Marr-Johnson Domestic renewable energy systems   01873 811359   Abergavenny & Crickhowell
Rick Mills Environmental education, local food 01248 713218   Mn a Gwynedd
Rod Walters Renewable energy, nuclear, GM 01873 854404   Abergavenny & Crickhowell
Gerry Wolff Climate change, renewable energy, conservation of energy 01248 712962

Mn a Gwynedd

Last updated: 2006-07-20