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These web pages describe a scheme to help local groups of FoE Cymru to get good letters published in local newspapers or broadcast on local radio. It is based on the following main ideas:

  • Local newspapers and local radio stations (‘media’) are an excellent way to communicate ‘green’ ideas to the public because it is relatively easy to get a letter or even an article published in local media and because local newspapers are widely read and many people listen to local radio. (For the sake of brevity in the rest of this website, "letters or articles" will be referred to as "letters").
  • The non-green 'opposition' (eg people who oppose wind farms for narrow NIMBY reasons) are often very well organised and make very effective use of local media. FoE needs to be at least as well organised and successful in getting its views across.
  • To be effective in promoting the 'green' perspective, letters should be not merely expressions of concern. They should contain significant and useful information and cogent arguments.
  • Given the range of green campaigning issues and their complexity, it is very difficult for any one person or any local group to be fully conversant with all the facts and arguments that are relevant to any given issue.
  • In principle, FoE full-time staff can provide advice but, realistically, most of them are already overloaded and cannot easily spare the time to help local groups in drafting letters for the press.
  • Fortunately, many non-staff members of FoE are very well informed on particular issues and it is likely that many of those people will be willing to give advice or to draft letters when required. Someone who is familiar with a particular area can draft a letter much faster and much more effectively than someone who is not familiar with the ideas.

The following sections describe the main elements of the scheme:

How the scheme is intended to work

List of experts

Example letters

About sending letters to local media

Putting published letters on the internet

Letters published by local groups

Briefing documents

Last updated: 2006-09-03