From Greenhouse to Green House

The threats of climate change
CO2 emissions and savings


Much of what is written about climate change gives the impression that it will lead to a few more floods, droughts and hurricanes, that changes will be very slow and, for people living in cold climates, it could mean some nice warm weather. It is also often suggested that climate change will mainly affect poor people and this, regrettably, may lead some of the richer people to conclude that they need not worry.

Climate change appears to be much more serious than how it has often been reported. Now climate scientists and others are issuing much stronger warnings as described for example in:

See also: A scientist replies to Christopher Monckton, Abraham v Monckton. An effective rebuttal of inaccurate information spread by a leading climate sceptic.

The Royal Society has published a Guide to facts and fictions about climate change (275 Kb PDF, 2005-03-09), correcting disinformation about climate change that has been energetically spread about by lobby groups funded by ExxonMobile and other purveyors of fossil fuels.

The World Resources Institute has reviewed discoveries about the world's climate in scientific papers published in 2005. "Taken collectively, they suggest that the world may well have moved past a key physical tipping point."

James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies writes that Huge sea level rises are coming—unless we act now (see also Environmental Research Letters 2, 2007).

There are also two sobering reports by the BBC: "Greenland ice swells ocean rise" and "Siberia's rapid thaw causes alarm", and an article on the latter subject from the Guardian: "Warming hits 'tipping point'".

Here are some other articles on the same theme:

And George Monbiot on biased reporting in the media (April 2004).

For more information: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Guardian Special Report on Climate Change (2003), BBC pages on 'Gobal Warning'.