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By Stephen Tindale, Executive Director, Greenpeace

Daily Mirror

21 July 2006

EVERY week, trains carrying extraordinarily dangerous nuclear waste criss-cross the country.

They trundle through passenger stations, past our schools, our back gardens and our workplaces.

Anyone who thinks that these toxic trains are not a near-perfect terrorist target is either lying ... or deluded.

And anyone who believes that terrorists aren't perfectly aware that unprotected radioactive waste is passing through our major cities isn't living in the real world.

There's absolutely no reason for these trains and their ridiculously hazardous cargoes to be traipsing around the country.

This waste will never be safe, but it is a lot less dangerous to keep it on the site of the nuclear power station that created this mess, rather than lumbering it around the UK.

After arriving at Sellafield in Cumbria, the mobile terrorist target is supposed to be separated into plutonium, uranium and what's known as high-level waste.

But this isn't happening at the moment because the site sprung a leak last year. So there's even less reason for these transports to take place.

Everyone who lives or works near one of these radioactive routes is entitled to know that these nuclear trains are passing them every week.

That's why Greenpeace published a full map showing the routes these highly dangerous trains take.

Worryingly, the train routes were easy to work out. Anyone could do it, including a terrorist.

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