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The threats of climate change
CO2 emissions and savings


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More letters and comments may be found on the website of DESERTEC-UK.


Upstream reform of the EU Emissions Trading System

Control carbon

Personal Carbon Allowances

Green taxes don't work

Cutting emissions

Climate change

Barrage debate

Don't try to control it, simply adapt to it

Greenhouse effect 'just a natural cycle'

Oil slick

Concentrating solar power (CSP)

There are more published letters about CSP and related topics at

Wind power

Wind facts

Plea for wind farm legal review

Quote from Gerry Wolff in a BBC News report, 2008-12-14:

But renewable energy campaigner Dr Gerry Wolff said: "The wind farm is very urgently needed and would be a major step forward in replacing old forms of energy."

He said he could understand worries over the scenery but said there was a lot of support for the wind farm on the streets from local people and visitors, with some evidence that it could attract tourism and that worries were "misplaced".

Let's be correct

ASA Adjudication on Anglesey Against Wind Turbines

Advertising Standards Authority rules against nimby group

On the 1st of November, 2006, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld all six complaints made against the SOS group and their campaign opposing the proposed Gwynt y Môr wind farm in Liverpool Bay. The complaints were lodged by Jon Lincoln, Coordinator of the Sustainable Energy Alliance (SEA). All credit to Jon for achieving this brilliant result that points the way for many other campaigns, showing nimby groups that they must not mislead the public with their information, and showing campaigners how to deal with such abuses.

Powerful points of view on wind farm proposal

Get your farm objections in

Wind turbines are only part of the answer to our energy shortfall

Gwent y Mor

Marine power

Wave farms could be the answer

Power plea

Wave power for island?

This report on the front page of the North Wales Chronicle, 2006-03-09, confuses wave power with power from tidal streams. However, it helps to publicise renewable energy. The reporter asked readers to write in with their views and the letters that were published are shown below. Interestingly, a clear majority are in favour of renewable forms of energy and against any new nuclear power stations.

No nukes

Nuclear plants not vital to the future of Britain

The continuing fears over nuclear safety

Nuclear power will not be needed

Unfounded pessimism about nuclear power

It takes years to build a nuclear plant

Clean and green

Foreign workers

Clean energy can do the job

Alternatives for earth energy

Renewable energy can generate enough power to meet the world's needs

Cost of nuclear power disguised

Subsidies disguise the real cost of nuclear power

Our future must lie in renewables

The cost of nuclear power

'Can-do' leadership vital for clean energy

Nuclear Subsidy

Nuclear power

No nuclear answer

Better and cheaper alternatives to nuclear power

Alternatives to nuclear power

Anglesey still has a bright future ahead long after Wylfa closes

Hidden subsidy for nuclear power

Absolutely no need for nuclear power

Nuclear power the hidden government subsidy

Wylfa stance

Nuclear is not the answer

Only answer for energy

Traffic-free routes