From Greenhouse to Green House

The threats of climate change
CO2 emissions and savings

Contraction and Convergence

"A brilliant, imaginative and simple means of reaching a just global agreement on emission reductions has been put forward. Known as contraction and convergence (C&C), it was first proposed by the Global Commons Institute (GCI) in 1990. Recognition of its unique qualities as a framework for combating climate change has grown at an astonishing rate since that date. C&C is founded on two fundamental principles: first, that global emission of carbon dioxide must be progressively reduced; and second, that global governance must be based on justice and fairness. ..." (from How We Can Save the Planet by Mayer Hillman, p 119).

C&C consists of:

  • Contraction: Global CO2 emissions are reduced towards an internationally-agreed target by an internationally-agreed year.
  • Convergence: Global convergence to equal per capita shares of this contraction is phased towards the contraction target by an agreed year.