Here is a small copy of the banner that the North Wales group of CCC carried on the Climate March in London on December 3rd 2005:

It may be printed, 174 cm wide by 145 cm deep, by R A Smart of Clough Bank, Bollington, Macclesfield, SK10 5NZ. They will do a good job. The design in the source files below is for a banner measuring 6' wide by 5' deep for printing by a company that has now gone out of business. The dimensions will need to be scaled down a little for the slightly smaller fabric available at R A Smart.

If you would like to adapt this banner for your group, replacing 'Gogledd Cymru' and 'North Wales' with the name of your group, you may use one or other of the original source files:

The image file is too big for a floppy disc so you will need to send it to R A Smart using a flash memory stick or a CD-ROM (or they may prefer to use ftp or other method of transfering the file via the internet).

Mounting the banner

Probably the best way to mount the banner is as follows: